The market has potential. Around 248 million vehicles are moving on the road, which makes 24 to 30 million needs windshield to be repaired. If $55 is the average repair cost per windshield, the total annual market goes to $1.3 and $1.6 billion of windshield repair. There are a large number of vehicles that are more than six years old, and they need headlight restoration. This is how the potential the market is for windshield repair business.

Windshield Repair to Achieve Higher Profit

Low upfront and marginal costs make windshield repair and headlight restoration high profitable. The cost of headlight restoration will cost you $6.58,and windshield repair will cost you $0.97.

Make an Additional Stream of Income or Be Your Own Boss

When you start windshield repair or headlight restoration business, the materials and tools that you would need are cheap as well as startup costs are also low. You can use this income as an add-on to your current income, or you can also make it stand-alone income as you can give more services and attend more clients and concentrate on one business.

Following are the ways you can become auto glass repairer:

  • High School Diploma

To enter into auto repair field, you first need to get minimum GED or high school diploma certificate.

  • Program in Collision Repair

In many community colleges and vocational schools, collision repair certificates are provided that also include auto glass servicing. The course will have replacement, removal, adjustment, and alignment of stationary and moveable glass. If you are interested, you can also get instructions of auto body work, for example, welding, cutting, dent removal, frame repair, painting, and damage assessment. It is always better to keep the broader skill set always.

  • Study Glass Repair

You can get independent glass repair course in many community colleges and vocational schools. The course runs in collaboration with NGA (National Glass Association), and also, I-CAR (Inter-Industry Conference on Auto Collision Repair.