Paranomasia or pun for short, is a kind of wordplay which exercises a number ofmeanings of one particular term, or of words which sound the same. It is generally used for intended rhetorical or humorous outcome.

Some of the tips to become a perfect pun-master are mentioned as under:

  • Admitthere is no such thing as Good Pun. However, the real nature of a good pun is to be so awful that it becomesgood.
  • Say everything that occurs to you as a pun. Sometimes the most well-received puns are those that you were not even considering saying.
  • Make sure that you always laugh at your own puns no matter if people are laughing on them or not.
  • Understand that you are funny. Puns are a boundless resource and you have understood it as your duty to transport this gift to humanity.

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Points to remember when becoming a pun-master

  1. Take risks – Not every attempt towards laughing will succeed and in case you are only waiting for the perfect things then you are surely on the track of failure. People who are funny are not shy and they take risks. In case they don’t succeed they hop on to something else.
  2. Watching comedy shows – Surely a very common and easiest advice to someone who intends to be a pun-master. Watching comedy shows and listening to your favourite stand ups, would make you smarter. Watching these would help you improve your skills.
  3. Practice – Indeed, practicing how and when to say the jokes would be a great place to begin with. You need to measure the inflections and pauses of the comic timing. You can also practice jokes by telling them in the mirror. The only way you can refine using the puns is to practice as much as you can
  4. Choose not to be offended – Being offended is a choice, indeed. But it doesn’t mean that you would have to agree or like everything that you hear. Even if someone is not laughing at your jokes or puns, consider it okay. Also you need to adopt to a humorous outlook which helps you study the world and you would be able to respond to them in a great manner.


Being funny and punny at the same time will surely bring you a lot of fan following. It is important that you practice hard.