As the world seeks innovative ways to combat the harmful effects of environmental pollution, the spotlight has turned to the way that we grow our food. More and more emphasis is being directed towards having healthy soils in which our healthy food is grown.

For that reason, many agriculture professionals are suggesting the use of liquid fertilizer. Liquid fertilizer is an organic fertilizer with a large nitrogen content. This keeps the soil healthy and productive. This is because it is made from natural ingredients. It is used mostly for organic farming.

Advantages of liquid fertilizer

They are easy to apply

Liquid fertilizer is easy to apply. In addition, it applies uniformly throughout your garden. Being liquid, it is easily absorbed into the soils and spreads easily and quickly to the crops. Further, it is very easy to apply liquid fertilizer. Spraying it in the land is one of the common methods of applying liquid fertilizer.

Produces healthy plants

Agriculture liquid fertilizers are considered the best agricultural fertilizers. In comparison to other fertilizers, they pack powerful nutrients that they release to the soil and plants. As a result, there is a clear difference in the appearance and health of plants grown with liquid fertilizers and those that are not.

Produce quick results

Liquid fertilizers are quick acting fertilizers. Since it seeps into the soil, plants are able to access nutrients from this fertilizer quickly and absorb it fast. As a result, the plants get healthier faster while compared with other fertilizers.

This is the reason that most farmers advocate for the use of liquid fertilizer in the early stages of growth. With more nutrients, plants are able to grow a strong root system that enables them absorb as much nutrients from the soil.

To the environment

Liquid fertilizer is environmentally safe. Unlike other fertilizers, it does not contain harmful chemicals that may escape into the air and lead to the increase of global warming.

They are made out of natural ingredients and thus are suitable for organic and sustainable farming in the world. In addition, they have no harm to human beings or animals that eat food grown in it.


Liquid fertilizers are highly affordable. In addition, a farmer can easily make liquid fertilizer for themselves. With the correct nutrient sources, all you need is water and time.

To make liquid fertilizer at home, seek out leaves of plants rich in nutrients such as nitrogen and potassium. Mix the leaves with some egg shells which are a good source of calcium. Mix with water in a bucket. Stir the mixture until it settles. Loosely cover the bucket to ensure that air gets into the mixture. Let the mixture rest for a while, at least three weeks, until all the leaves are decomposed and all that remains is a green liquid.

You have successfully made liquid fertilizer at home. Go ahead and apply it to your crop and see the positive result.

It helps improve soil quality

Liquid fertilizer helps improve the quality of soil that you grow your plants in. It helps increase the amount of nutrients in your soil and enables it to release nutrients slowly for the benefit of the plant. This ensures that your soil is fertile for longer.

In addition, its effects last longer in the soil and helps improve soil flora and fauna to grow and help with the growth of the planted crop.

Easy to store

Liquid fertilizer is much easier to store. Unlike granular fertilizers that are packed in large bags. Liquid fertilizers are kept in bottles and can therefore be easily and safely handled.


Liquid fertilizer is important part of agriculture. It is sustainable and helps improve the quality of soil and crops grown in the soil. Liquid fertilizer is easy to apply and its effect is quickly visible on the crops in the soil.

Most important, it is good for the environment and for sustainable agriculture.