Monitoring your employees’ work patterns is no longer an optional draconian security measure used only by very vigilant companies. More than three-quarters of companies in US monitor websites that the employees surf.

Want to know who does what for how long before a computer?

You could get employee monitoring software like Work Examiner.

Functions of the software

Screenshot – Yes

With images taken at regular intervals, you can see what the user sees with the device. You can take pictures of specific URLs or websites with a minimum interval of 10 seconds. You can adjust the time intervals for screenshots. As a paid subscriber, you can also create multiple screenshots for each URL or open window.

As a manager, would you like detailed visibility in the personal area of ​​your employees? It is a decision that one needs to take.

Categorizing of productive or unproductive websites – Yes

You can tag specific applications and sites in a productive or unproductive category.

For example, if someone spends a lot of time on job search pages, they may be looking for a change. Use this information to improve employee retention strategies. Talk to the worker to find out if he or she has a problem that can be solved.

Website and application usage – Yes

In addition to specifying the URL and title bar of the website or application, Work Examiner also displays the date and time for each activity.You can also generate more important websites and separate applications that get used daily.

It gives you an idea of ​​how and for how long the user has been working. You can also determine how long the device has been in sleep mode.

Simple Reporting – Yes

All reports are easily accessible from the control panel. All data is visible in real time. So you do not have to wait for reports to be generated to display the models.

The tool separates data in pie charts and bar charts, providing a complete overview of the productivity trends and workstation usage at a glance.

Automatic detection of time – Yes

All activities monitoringhappens in real time with a timestamp. Reports canget generated with the website URL, date, time, and duration.

Planned monitoring – Yes

Scheduled computer monitoring allows you to monitor workstations only during working hours. It is a key feature for companies where their home laptops or freelancers’computers get turnedinto office computers with specific work schedules.

Block Websites – Yes

You can go to the Lock tab to block the websites of individual users, groups, or all at the same time.This feature allows you to block low-productivity sites such as social networking sites. Some companies even block high-bandwidth web sites like Netflix and Spotify.